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Cars using full width of road so i can't use the cycle lane to get to the stop line

Cycle box gets filled with cars when lights are at red.

On street parking when everyone has a drive down here

Parking on the pavement on match days

Path here is quite narrow when your are coming from King George Path

Lots of parking here. Blocks cycle lane.

This is a busy junction, would benefit from advanced green lights for cyclists.

Bypass of these lights is good.

Cycle lane is a bit tight, could be wider

Make this road a 30mph

Make this road a 30mph limit.

Move the bus stop. The bus blocks visibility for children crossing for school. And blocks visibility for other road users.

The new road layout from the new zebra crossing allows motorists to move into the centre of the road on approach to the crossing with the intent to then turn right onto Links Road. This means pedestrians using the crossing have to wait for ... [more]

No kerb outside school gate since new zebra crossing was put in. Cars now drive on path were children are walking.

Path from North Sea Lane roundabout to St Anthony's bank needs clearing

Verges need clearing to allow social distancing on the footpath between the 2 bridges

Wider footpath around bus stop needed.

Corner house of Cheltenham Way & Goodwood Lane has allowed garden shubbery to overtake half of the footpath.

Shubbery overgrown from garden, needs cutting back.

Prevent motor vehicles from using this road to the west of the cemetery. Also, reduce the speed limit to 20mph. Very little need for it to be higher and the current 60mph limit is not appropriate for the condition and lack of visibility on ... [more]

Install barriers similar to those down Woodlands Avenue that allow pedestrians and cyclists but prevent motorists from using the street as a rat run.

New road doesn't seem to have any pavement despite having a footpath crossing it

The shared cycle/pedestrian path does not work. I know 3 people who have come off their backs here due to the poor design. It is not helped by cards parked on the cyclepath during school time

There is no pathway on this side of the road

The bushes of number 18 protude into the pathway making it difficult to walk (and making it impossible for drivers to see round the bend)

Large Hedge over hanging footpath

Large hedge takes over the foot path

Alternative natural footpaths that safely signpost people through the meadows and foreshore to reduce the amounts of walkers along the tarmac path. Investigation of duck boarding to enable all weather routes . It can be wet (and under water ... [more]

The whole cycle path along the coastline needs adjustments. Although marked walkers are not aware that cycles come along here. Option for addition footpaths along the wider grass verges between path and thorpe park fencing. Clear stop and ... [more]

Path near the bungalows just before Archer Road not wide enough

Paths not wide enough from the shops at High Street Co-op to the end of Barnoldby Road, Bradley Road end especially dangerous to walk on the Kings Head side when there are bikes or other pedestrians as the traffic is so close and usually tr ... [more]

The traffic goes so fast and gets very close to cyclists down Barnoldby Road

The path is very narrow on the bend & trees are overgrown making it impossible for 2 to pass without stepping onto the busy road

The "magic paint" cycle lane to these traffic lights is one of the most pointless in N E Lincs since it goes nowhere and puts cyclists alongside motorists ready to be cut up when the lights change. Either remove it or install an ASL.

Needs a cycle lane to/from Pelham Road to link up with the the sea wall and the new cycle paths on the Humber Link Road

The cycle lane here is full of potholes so it forces cyclist into the middle of the road to find space is that smooth

Some protection is need for cyclists here. Cars and lorries drive in the cycle lane when you're coming the other way.

Enforce the double yellows. There's plenty of parking available on Pelham Road so no excuse for people to be parking down here. Being narrow, other vehicles usually end up driving on and damaging the pavement in order to pass those parked ... [more]

Stop cars parking here. It's a blind bend so you have to take care when passing but you can never rely on other road users to take a similar level of care

Reinstate this access point to Immingham docks by reclaiming part of Engie's yard that leads over to South Osbourne Way. Pedestrian access to the docks is mostly non-existent and cyclists are forced to share busy roads with a lot of cars a ... [more]

Restore the footpath that existed fo over half a century

This section of the shared-use path from the toucan crossing in Healing where it passes driveways is extremely narrow making it difficult for pedestrians and/or cyclists going opposite directions to pass each other

The main pedestrian access to the primary school on Ford's Avenue only has paving along one side when using the Radcliffe Road route. On the opposite side of Ford's Avenue there is a wide redundant area of grass verge that is separated from ... [more]

Stop cars from parking around this corner. Makes it unsafe to cycle up the road.

If this bridge is the only way to cross the train line, can improvements be made to the bridge for easy moving of cycles over? Although reopening suggitts lane crossing would be easier

A nicer route to Cleethorpes (open back up route through docks) rather than A180 cleethorpe/grimsby road and dealing with fuller street bridge

Pathway for general safety for both pedestrians & cycling

Very hard to pass on this narrow track towards the wind turbines

Over grown hedges need cutting back and also paths to be widened so people don't have to walk on the road

Hedges are over growing onto the pedestrian side of dual foot/cycle path

Cycle lane needed

Cycleway needed. Used by cyclists especially during school term time

There needs to be a continuation of the cycle lane which starts at Anthony’s Bank and runs all the way to Brighton slipway but stops there. There needs to be provision for cyclists along the seafront up to Wonderland.

Public footpath around field has been removed so there is no where to walk

No path, put in a path

This is quite a busy road with a secondary school at one end yet no cycle path - a designated cycle lane would make it safer, especially for young cyclists on the road therefore leaving the pavement free for pedestrians

School time no chance in distancing

There is no path or cycle way on a very busy/fast road. A path or cycle way would give pedestrians or cyclists a safer route.

The current pathway which is both a cycle path and footpath is far too narrow. It is also in a terrible state of repair. The section from this pin mark to the boating lake is the worst but I think the whole path to the leisure centre needs ... [more]

Remove on street parking, its only ever used by Stagecoach staff and put in a cycle lane. Cyclists always use the path as don’t feel safe goi coast the parked cars and busy traffic

Footpath is so narrow only one person can walk on it at once without walking on the grass. Hedge of property badly overgrown and has gradually over the years crept onto the footpath taking it over.

Toll bar shared cycle/footpath. Both edges have grass growing from the verges onto the footpath and cyclepath narrowing both of them.

Disjointed cycle path on pavement broken up by trees and bus stops, main road terrible with speeding cars that don't give appropriate room when overtaking.

The existing concrete barriers on Cleethorpes sae front need moving across the road and move th car parking to the otherwise. At the moment most people still walk next to the beach causing congestion and little social distancing. I would ur ... [more]

We can’t walk safely with push chairs and children holding on to the push chairs - fast vehicles way to close to all walking.

Cyclist using the footpath at speed. Need to be separated from elderly pedestrians

Low Road in Healing only has one small path - and lots of kids use unit at school time - it would help if there were double yellows there

Low Road in Healing only has one small path - and lots of kids use unit at school time - it would help if there were double yellows there

No cycle path in Chichester Ave

Not safe to walk along as it is not wide enough, especially when walking with children

We live on this street and the paths are very narrow as well as over grown bushes which make the situation worse. This is a big concern of ours as in a few years our eldest will be expected to walk to and from Healing comp alone and I worry ... [more]

The road has got a lot of pothles which can cause damage and the path is to narrow for a shared space

We live on this street and the paths are very narrow as well as over grown bushes which make the situation worse. This is a big concern of ours as in a few years our eldest will be expected to walk to and from Healing comp alone and I worry ... [more]

The bridge needs resurfacing on the climb as rough in places

The footpath here is very narrow and there is no footpath on the other side of the road meaning it can get congested, especially at school times. The hedges are often overgrown too making the footpath even narrower. There is no safe place f ... [more]

The cycle lanes need resurfacing so does the road to station road great coates

I live in the main road which is stallingborough road. I am a registered childminder and walk to and from school as well as for daily walks. Unfortunately because path is very narrow this a dangerous path due to cars driving at 60 mph when ... [more]

Very narrow path shared between pedestrians and cycles but not divided or marked and further narrowed by overgrown vegetation on one side. overgrown

Leisure cycle route over field from end of Glenn road, over peaks parkway bridge and tracks beyond to weelsby wood’s would encourage more families to get out on bikes.

Proper cycle way lots of children use the path for cycling to school

Road narrows to two lines in road adjacent to shops forcing cyclists into gutter.

A lot more primary school children are living on stallingborough road in healing. Traffic including stagecoach bus’s and lorry’s , tractors can exceed the speed limit which creates a wind vacuum. My children and I walk single file o ... [more]

Paths on both sides of the road are indistinguishable from the road due to no Kerbs. The mud verges never have any grass, and many householders do not keep hedges tidy - forcing pedestrians onto the mud. Get rid of the verges , widen the ... [more]

Would be great to see a separate cycleway that connects big employers in Killingholme area with Immingham, Grimsby and surrounding commuter villages.

Too narrow for the wider woman

Very dangerous road, requires cycle path.

Very dangerous road, requires cycle path.

The footpath should be widened to become a shared cycle/footpath as an extension of the one on Low Road to encourage more Primary school children to cycle to school. The grass verge is usually a mud verge due to cars/vans driving over it in ... [more]

I believe the pavement should be widened to include a shared cycle way and there should be dropped kerbs at this junction for those on cycles, scooters, with push chairs. The shared cycle/footpath should be an extension of the one from Low ... [more]

Edging of the grass needs cutting back to how it used to be, lost about 10 -12 inches each side

This path is very congested at school times with pedestrians, push chairs, children on scooters, children on bikes. It has an adverse camber and is dangerous for those with pushchairs especially in winter with frost/ice. There are also many ... [more]

Very narrow

Can barely walk here in single filr

Edging of the grass needs cutting back to how it used to be, lost about 10 -12 inches each side

Why does the cycle path stop halfway down Scartho Rd?

Cycle path needed to allow cyclists to be a bit safer from the boy-racers down this 60mph road.

Need a cycle path down here. Scares me when I see bikes on the road

Cycle path needed for people to feel safe enough to cycle from Keelby & Immingham to Stallingborough and towards town.

Close some of these junctions and keep the traffic on the main roads then I might ride my bike more.

Overgrown shrubbery closing down path space, both sides of the road. A trim back would improve

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